Non-Indicating Silica Gel

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Silica Gel is a hard granular or beaded desiccant with the appearance similar to glass. It is slightly softer than ordinary window glass, odorless, insoluble and non-conductor of electricity.

Its action in adsorbing is purely physical and there is no change in size or shape of the particles as it absorbs vapors. Silica Gel has a large internal surface area which gives it a large adsorptive capacity.

It meets the requirements of Military Mil-D-3716, Type I and II, Grade H.


Silica Gel is used in various industries such as: Natural Gas, Refining Companies, Chemical and Petrochemical, Industrial Gases, Refrigeration, Insulating Glass, Commercial and Military Packaging, Telecommunications and Power Companies.

Typical Properties
Property NameProperty Value
Particle ShapeGranular or Beaded
Particle Sizes

3-8 Mesh / 6-12 Mesh / 6-16 Mesh
4-8 Mesh
Nominal Pore Size22 Angstroms
Pore Volume, cm3/gm0.43 Avg.
Surface Area, m2/gm750-800
Bulk Density, lbs/ft345 avg.
Moisture Adsorption at 25 oC
10% RH
20% RH
40% RH
60% RH
80% RH

6.85 Avg.
11.84 Avg.
24.61 Avg.
36.20 Avg.
39.91 Avg.
Moh's Hardness5

Recommended Reactivation Temperature (oF)



Packaged in 5 Lb can, 30 lb pail and 150 lb drum net of product.

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