Indicating Silica Gel (Blue)

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Indicating silica gel is a blue silica gel that gradually changes from a deep blue in the activated condition to a pale pink in the saturated condition. Each color corresponds to a definite relative humidity. It can be reactivated by heating at 250-450 oF, in a clean atmosphere until it becomes blue again. It meets the requirements of Military Specification Mil-D-3716, Type IV, Grade H (High Adsorption Capacity).


Indicating silica gel is widely used as a relative humidity indicator in dehydrated packages or air drying equipments. It is used as a combination desiccant-relative humidity indicator.

Typical Properties
Property NameProperty Value
Particle ShapeGranular or Beaded
Particle Sizes

3-8 Mesh / 6-12 mesh / 6-16 Mesh
4-8 Mesh
Nominal Pore Size22 Angstroms
Pore Volume, cm3/gm0.43 Avg.
Surface Area, m2/gm750-800
Bulk Density, lbs/ft345 Avg.
Moisture Adsorption at 25 oC
10% RH
20% RH
40% RH
60% RH
80% RH

6.85 Avg.
11.84 Avg.
24.61 Avg.
36.20 Avg.
39.91 Avg.
ColorBlue (Activated) / Pink (Saturated)
Moh's Hardness5

Recommended Reactivation Temperature (oF)



1-1/2 Lb Can / 5 Lb Can / 30 Lb Pail / 150 Lb Drum

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