Aluminum Air Dryers

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Aluminum Air Dryers are perforated aluminum canisters containing indicating silica gel. They are non-corrosive and protect against rust, corrosion, mold, mildew and spoilage due to humidity.

Visual Indicator

The aluminum canister has a monitor window on top for visual indication. The orange indicating silica gel turns to green as it adsorbs moisture and can easily be regenerated in an oven at 250-300oF until the silica gel turns back to orange color.

Typical Applications

  • Laboratory Equipments and Chemicals
  • Video Cameras and VCR Equipments
  • Safes/Vault/Safety Deposit Boxes
  • Medical and Dental Instruments
  • Nautical Equipments
  • Camping and Fishing Equipments
  • Binocular and Telescopes
  • Firearms and Gun Cabinets
  • Silverwares

  • Parts
    Part Number L W T Diameter of Window Silica Gel Content
    X12204"2"5/8"3/8"40 Grams

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